Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little bit of everything...

I have mentioned that I am in school - nursing school specifically. This is my second bachelors and I have been in college continuously since 2005. My first BA I got in psychology and even though I love the subject there was no money to be made with only a BA and at that point in my life I wasn't fully committed to getting my PhD. My major issue was time and I didn't think I could dedicate at least the next 5 years to it. However, I have spent 1 doing my pre-reqs and than it will take me 2 years to finish my BSN in nursing so I really saved myself 2 years. More than likely though I will go back for my masters to I probably should have just went on to get my PhD - who would have known :)

The semester is more than half way over and I could not be more happy. This semester was physically and emotionally draining. At times, I am a huge hypochondriac and this semester really focused on the multiple diseases that could occur throughout the body in all of the systems. It was terrifying and I probably had a couple nervous breakdowns. In addition, in our psycho-social nursing class we spoke about caring for a sick and dying person. Did I mention I also have issues with death? Overall, this semester was like a nightmare. My grades are ok but my own insanity toke a hit. This summer I will spend 8 weeks doing pediatrics and OB which I am exciting about. It will be a change from the normal patient I see during my clinical I am on a telemetry floor so everyone has CHF, Afib, etc. My summer class ends a week before my wedding! Crazy - you say? Maybe or just really eager to be done with school. I am graduating May 2012 and nothing not even a wedding is going to mess up the plan.

Ok - so a posting is not complete without any talk about Beav. Work is going well - they are going to be switching everyone's hours to 7:30pm-4:05am which has pros and cons. We will be able to eat dinner together so that will be nice for a change however he is going to sleep all day long which will include his days off. No use in complaining though - it is happening regardless. He made his second arrest the other night. A male and a female were on the roof while the male was receiving oral sex. Honestly, everyone in that neighborhood knows they can not go on the roof why they constantly ignore that fact and ultimately get arrested for it is beyond me.

Overall, school is going well for me. I probably won't be receiving a 4.0 gpa this semester but I am ok with it. I have learned there are more important things in life than getting all As especially since no one really cares. Beav is doing great. He loves his job and I guess that is really all you can ask for someone. We are settling into police life which really just equals terrible schedules but it is getting easier. There are meltdowns on my part at times but we are getting through it. All together - we are happy, in love, and have exciting things to look forward to....what more could we ask for?

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