Sunday, March 27, 2011

You are just going to say NO!

Beav always has a very distinct way of letting me know that he wants something but also knows that I will disagree with what he is proposing. The conversation went something like this:

Beav: I want something but I know you are going to say no.
Me: (Chuckling - because of how he always phrases such convos) Just tell me.
Beav: No - because you are going to say no.
Me: I'm not your mother I can't say NO. Just tell me what you want.
Beav: I want a gun.
Me: Why do you want another gun? You already have 2.
Beav: It's not for work. It's for shooting at the range.
Me: Ok - how much is this gun?
Beav: $600.
Me: Absolutely not! You keep talking about how we don't have enough money for things such as our wedding, house, honeymoon, GAS for crying out loud. You want to spend $600 on a gun just for fun!!!
Beav: I knew you would say no.

After, some discussing he agreed that at this point in our lives spending $600 on a gun that he only wants so he can go have fun shooting might not be necessary. He even admitted that I am more realistic than he is! Huge accomplishment for me because he always says I live in a fantasy world lol I just hate that I have to be the bubble burster. I wish he would just realize on his own and then I wouldn't have to be the "bad guy". Because after I said that it was a selfish idea I felt guilty and then said ok I will get it for you for something. At that point, he said no because we weren't giving each other expensive gifts and honestly we could spend $600 in so many more productive ways. I just wish he would be more money conscious.


  1. and almost 26 years later, I'm wishing the same thing. :(

    SOMEbody has to be the voice of reason. Like you, sometimes I wish it weren't me. Good luck with this.

  2. My solution = when he wants to buy a new 'toy', I get to buy something for me in the same price range. If he spends 500 on a new gadget, I'm going to spend 500 on that designer pair of shoes! Normally the conversation stops there there! LOL

  3. That would be great except he would say go for it lol

  4. lol. I'm with Meadowlark. Someone has to tbe the voice of reason. I'm always the bad guy. It has gotten much better though since we sat down and made a budget. We both have a certain allowance for each month we can spend however we want and if he or I want to buy something bigger the money has to be made someplace. Either he works some extra shifts or does some overtime or I have to do some more shows. Its helped a lot. We used to always fight about money. 3 years later we are finally starting to figure things out a bit. The three main stresses on a marriage are differences when it comes to sex, parenting and finances. Or so someone wise told me...