Friday, March 4, 2011

6pm - 2am

Beav works from 6pm - 2am which really means roll call is at 5:30pm and he gets out at 2:05am. They work 8 hour and 35 minute tours so they have a 3 day weekend everyother week. At first I was so annoyed he got stuck with this shift because it meant that we wouldn't be seeing eachother for most nights for dinner and I go to school during the day so for many of the days we wouldn't cross paths. However, it has worked out. Some days we see eachother for longer and others I only see him for an hour or two which at one point in my life I would have laughed and said never. But we are use to it and we are always texting or sending eachother little pictures...thank god for technology! :)

I realized today - I'm jealous of his shift. lol I love staying up - I am absolutely a night person and feels that everything is more fun at 2am. At this point in my life though I don't have the luxury of staying up all night and waking up at noon. Most nights during the week I pass out between 10-11pm and am up at 6-7am depending upon the day. Beav went to bed last night at 5am and woke up at noon today. It's so funny how life changes because at one point Beav would be in bed by 10pm every night while I was on the computer or watching TV until the middle of the night. How roles have reversed....and I'm jealous!

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  1. LOL This sounds like something I could have written! I'm a night owl for sure and do all my best work at nighttime. I'm a photographer and do alot of my work from home, so it's nice that I can attempt to work around his schedule. I would love to work those late night hours all the time!

    (And you are so right! Where would we be without the media communication? It makes all the difference!)