Monday, March 14, 2011

Always Say I Love You

Beav and I got into an argument today as I was leaving for work. The details are not really important but he said something and I went to leave for work on angry terms. I walked out the door, closed it behind me, and went into my car. I started the car and sat there for 30 seconds knowing I had to go back inside.

This weekend was a bad weekend for Long Island police officers. A death occurred within the NYPD and the Nassau County Police Department. It reminds you never to leave on bad terms, always kiss each other good bye, and say I love you because it kills me to even think of it but it could be the last time.

I went back inside and we talked. I left happy, with a kiss, and an I love you <3


  1. Ya know, I thought and re-thought about posting this. Mostly because I think "wise old cop's wife" routine has pretty much run it's course.

    But I'm going to put this out there... be very careful about the superstitions you set up. They can come back and bite you on the ass in ways you can never expect. What starts as "I want my last words to be kind" can turn into a constant vigilance and life-long guilt when death comes from an unexpected corner.

    I just worry about ya'll. Much peace,

  2. I appreciated this post last night. Rev and i got into a bit of a fight before he left (to workout, not for his shift) and when we talked on the phone later I hung up (purposefully) without saying "I love you". We always make it a habit, even if we will be seeing each other in a few minutes.

    I don't feel that if something were to happen that I would have enormous guilt and would 'never forgive myself'.... but your post just got me to thinking about what Rev means to me and how short and precious life is. Too short for petty arguments to cause me not to tell him "I love you".

    (And it feels so much better, even if you have to say "I was wrong", to walk out of the house with the hard feelings put to rest! Great job :)