Thursday, March 17, 2011

Such Pride

Beav went to the wake this afternoon for the NYPD officer who lost his life this weekend. He got all dressed in his fancy police blues. I watched him as he was getting dressed and it reminded me of when he was in the academy.

The academy was stressful for him. He is a perfectionist and always wanted everything to be perfect from his uniform to his bag. Of course, being screamed at for any little imperfection really instills the desire to be perfect. The living room became his dressing room. He had his uniforms, his gym clothes, his bag, and his gear all placed on the floor. He would get dressed in the living room, put all the stuff in the bag and everyday complain about how the bag they make the NYPD recruits use is so small compared to all the stuff they need to carry.

I looked at him today in his uniform with his gun attached to his belt and his shield. Even though the shield was tainted with a mourning band and it breaks my heart thinking about what his family is going through...I was overcome with such pride for my fiance. He really did it, he went through the academy and he is one of New York's Finest. This might not have been the path I would have chosen for myself but this is what he always wanted and he did it. I looked at my fiance with such pride today <3

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