Sunday, November 6, 2011

He spit what on you!!!

Life has been really busy and currently I am studying for a critical care test but needed a diversion for a couple minutes so here I am.

6 week ago I received my professional wedding photos from my photographer in the mail. I texted Beav to wake me when he got home because I wanted him to see them right away. He told me he would and I went to bed. I woke up around 4am because I heard him walking around. He was an hour late and when I opened my eyes he was standing with a towel in his hands getting ready to go in the shower which was unusual for him. He doesn't usually shower when he gets home at night especially not when he gets home late. So, I ask why he was going to shower. He states, "someone spit blood on me."

I'm a nursing student so the nurse in me came out right away - I questioned...where? did it  get into your eyes, mouth, any open cuts? Did  you wash it off? What did you use? etc. The answers were all ok. He got spit on the back of his head, it did not get into his eyes, mouth, nose, and he did not have any open cuts. He put gloves on, wiped it off with saline and gauze from EMS, and wiped his head with purell. He put the dirty clothes in the washing machine with hot water, laundry detergent, pinesol (he said he heard it killed germs), and put it on an extra rinse cycle. He toke a shower and I went to sleep.

I woke up that morning - freaking out! I was literally scared of my husband. I was afraid that he contracted some disgusting disease by this guy and now I was going to get it. He spoke with the NYPD nurse and she said that he was not exposed in the sense he needed the HIV cocktail. However, I was scared! I made him call a local hospital and he spoke with a doctor about obtaining the cocktail in which he was told that he was not exposed and wouldn't get it.

This was really difficult for me. I told him that dealing with sucky schedules, working nights, missing events all seem easy compared to him coming home and telling me that some disgusting person spit a combination of blood and phlegm onto my husband.