Saturday, April 2, 2011

Never say NEVER

Tonight Beav made an arrest. It was early in his tour so when I asked if he was going to get stuck he said no and he probably wouldn't even have to do a morning tour either. A couple hours later I get a text message saying he was going to have to do a morning tour and needed to be there at 8am. Now, he doesn't even get home until 3am and he lives about an hour away from work. So, I asked if he was staying there overnight. Initially, he said no that maybe he would come home, shower, change, and go back. I reasoned and said that he wouldn't get any sleep and be exhausted all tomorrow. If he stays at the station overnight he will at least sleep and then be a normal human tomorrow. Plus - I will get to see him tomorrow night :)

I surprised myself tonight. I always said that I would NEVER be ok with him sleeping at the station and "he better just get his butt home" but look...I was actually faced with the situation and I practically encouraged him to sleep there. Of course I had personal gain as my reason but none the less I supported him sleeping there. As I type this though I am second guessing if I made the right decision by encouraging him to sleep there or if I just opened a whole new can of worms. We shall see....either way I will be cuddling with him tomorrow night :)


  1. Safety should always trump sentimentality. In my opinion, you made the mature,responsible choice. And seriously, what kind of "can of worms"? It's not like he'd ever consciously say "Hey, that comfy bed at the station is there. Think I won't go home". If that happens there are bigger problems that need to be fixed, and at least you'll have some obvious signs.

  2. Lol you are right I just get crazy sometimes lol he actually didn't stay he wanted his own bed and to shower. He said the beds are so disgusting he couldn't sleep anyway.