Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the day with family and friends.

Beav and I starting splitting holidays between our families since we got engaged. This year for Easter it was my parents house for dinner and dessert for his. However, he has work tonight and needed to leave by 3:45pm. I explained to my mom that we needed to eat a little earlier than usual and if she felt that it was to early or she didn't want to do it then we understood but we would then eat at his parents house. Of course, she guaranteed that dinner would be ready and we would eat lasagna at 2:30 and then dinner at 3:00pm. I have to admit I had my doubts. My family is never on time for anything! I even had a dream last night that the food was not going to be ready...that is how worried I was! But my mother is amazing and everything was perfect. My grandparents and great aunt showed up at 2:15pm and at 2:30pm we were eating lasagna. We all got to eat dinner together and life was normal. Well, until 3:50pm when he said he really had to go to work but with a container of Easter dinner in his hand and a piece of pineapple upside down cake for dessert later - he was off.

My grandmother asked me if I was sad after he left. The truth was...I was ok. I knew he had work today and we planned accordingly. We saw his family in the morning instead for dessert and we ate dinner with my family like normal. He wasn't around all day but he was around and I was happy. Our life might not be typical but it is becoming "our normal".


  1. I can definitely relate. We usually do the same thing. He has to work at some point during a holiday so he will make it to either the dinner part or dessert. As long as I get some time with him, it is considered an extra good holiday. Kudos for embracing the "normal".

  2. I was embracing it yesterday but I never know what tomorrow brings lol