Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 was yesterday and I attended without Beav. I survived and Beav texted me throughout the party asking about how it was, what I ended up wearing, how the food was, and if I was dancing. I guess he was trying to be there the best way he could. 

I want to make a point about how young girls dress. I am only 23 years old so I wasn't 16 that long ago but I do not remember dressing like that. These dresses were so short that they constantly had to pull them down while dancing, they were skin tight where nothing was hidden even the skinniest girl looked like she had a little belly, and the boobies! I have big boobies so I understand how annoying it is to sometimes get the girls under control but I don't think an attempt was even made with some girls. It was shocking and embarrassing at times for them but they will learn I guess we all do that showing a little less sometimes is worth more than displaying it all.

Overall, the party was really nice. It made me excited  for my wedding. I can't wait until my family and friends are all together celebrating the marriage of Beav and I. It was my childhood best friend's sister who was turning 16 so it was nice that I got to catch up with her. Younger we were inseparable and were like sisters but as life went on and boyfriends/friends changed we separated but it is always nice to go back sometimes. We sat in her house and talked like our relationship never changed. But it is a scene that occurs time and time again. Unfortunately, our lives don't mesh as good and we reconnect but it never sticks. I do miss her though.

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