Wednesday, February 2, 2011

24 Hour Shifts?!?

Beav got his very first arrest a couple nights ago!!! I was so excited for him because he was actually the very last of the new guys in his pct to get one and he did it before the end of the month so he made his "performance goal" aka quota. He made the arrest towards the end of the tour so of course he had to stay late to process the arrest. Then, he had to stay to speak with the ada so he had to wait until the morning. Finally, he was told to just stay for the morning tour. So, after all that he ended up working 25 hours and being up for about 32 hours. I don't know how he does it!


  1. How you know I'm an old wife - my first thought was making bank with 16 hours of OT. WOOT!!!!! And we would the very next day have him go to the office and change his withholdings for the next payperiod so he'd get most of it in the paycheck and then go back after the mondo paycheck and switch back.

    The other thing that caught my eye: performance goals. Interesting. Husband doesn't seem to think there are any other than the idea that if most guys get 10-12 DUIs a month, then your numbers should probably be around there. Of course, much smaller agency - 110 or so sworn.

  2. I got the book today!!! Thank you so much! I already started reading.

  3. Guilty -slow as molasses!!

    Remember: Just because "they" say it's so, doesn't MAKE it so.

    take what you like and throw the rest of the crap away!!!!

  4. Not a knock, but 1 arrest in a month? I do that in 5 hours of work. Either way, stay safe out there Mr. Man, your wife needs you at home.