Thursday, February 10, 2011

Squad Change

Beav got his official squad today. He went from squad 3 to squad 1 which probably doesn't mean much to anyone but I already looked into what days he would have been off when he was squad 3. I was looking forward to spending Easter, his birthday, my birthday and spending a Friday night together in the next 2 weeks. Now, we wont be spending any of those days together and won't have a weekend night off until the beginning of April which seems so far away. The plus though is we will see eachother for Valentine's Day! Unfortunately, I didn't think we would be seeing eachother so no reservations were made anywhere. It doesn't matter though - I'm just excited I won't be alone on Valentine's day <3


  1. Is he on rotating shifts?

  2. Yea, he has rotating days off. I think its a fair way of doing it so someone doesn't always get stuck working the weekends but at the same time he won't have a Friday or Saturday night off until April because of his squad change. :(

  3. I wasn't sure what squad change meant. There are a couple of surrounding cities that do that as well. Hubs has thought about it but I don't know how their bodies can adjust to switching from day shift to night shift every 8 weeks. Eeek for them.