Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guess who got pulled over today...

Beav ever since he became a police officer has wanted to get pulled over just so he could get himself out of a ticket. Stupid I know but it's the truth. Me on the other hand barely drives over 55mph, stops at yellow instead of going through red, and always lets other drivers merge in yet I get pulled over today! For the absolute worst thing ever - not moving over a lane when a police officer has someone pulled over on the side of the road. I know what you are thinking! A cop just died because someone hit him while he was doing a car stop I should know better - and I do!!! I was driving in the right lane (like I said I like to drive 55mph) and I was on the Southern State Parkway just trying to get to work and bam! The cop I guess was finished with his car stop and then pulled me over - a State Trooper none the less. I was honest and said I completely forgot that it was a law now and I showed him my license which was luckily in my shield wallet from being out over the weekend so he asked where I got that from. I explained my fiance got it for me and told him where he works. He let me go without a ticket and for one of the first times thanked god that my fiance is a police officer. :)

1 comment:

  1. Shield wallet?
    Never knew they existed. I mean, the husband carries one for his badge, but I didn't know there were other kinds.

    Admit it... you were so busy thinking "ohmigosh it's a cop, maybe I know him, Honey's a cop, he's so cool, I bet he could totally pull some one over like that, " and forgot to actually pay attention to the law! I know that's how MY brain works! :)