Friday, February 11, 2011

Is he working, again?

Me: "Beav's squad got switched today."

My Mother: "So, he won't be home for Bob's (my birthday) birthday?"

Me: "No, he was going to be off but he is working now."

My Mother: "Oh - He is working on Saturday during his family birthday party, right? (I have previously posted about the insane amount of family birthday parties.)

Me: "Yea - He won't have a weekend off now until the beginning of April."

My Mother: "Wow - People are going to forget he even exists."

End of Conversation.

I know she didn't mean anything by it but it is so annoying! Yes, I know he is not around a lot. Yes, I know that he misses a lot of family functions. But I also know that for the last 6 years he has always made it to every single one and if he wasn't working he would be there.


  1. Most people with the "normal" work schedule don't get it. I'm sure your mom had no mean intentions there! :) I'm positive of it b/c momma's never do, they just don't! ;)
    Everyone will adjust! Hugs from one police wife to another!

  2. It can become pretty comical in our family since hubs, bro, father-in-law and uncles and cousins are all police officers. Try planning ANYTHING and it amounts to someone, usually multiple people, not being able to attend! The good thing is that nobody dishes out much grief because we're ALL in the same boat! My mother tends to consult me for some odd reason, thinking I am the master schedule keeper. She thinks I can tell her which of the family is off on a random weekend and which isn't! Just gotta laugh at it and move on! :)