Thursday, February 17, 2011


A couple of posts ago I mentioned how when school started I would be busy and not notice how much Beav is gone. The truth is he isn't gone that much the real problem is he works terrible hours so I dont see him that much but we make time even its for an hour. However, I am always on the go. Between school and work I am exhausted. Wednesday and Thursday I wake up at 5:30am to be at the hospital for clinical, I'm there until about 1:30pm, I see Beav for about an hour where I usually pass out from being so tired and go to work and finally I get home around 8-8:30pm. Exhausted I am!

Beav and I don't live together so we are looking for a house. Unfortunately, many of the houses in our price range need so much work more work than we could take care of. So, today I spoke with Beav about asking his mother if we would be able to live in his late great aunt's condo for a little while after we get married. His great aunt passed away almost 5 years ago but the condo was paid off so they were just waiting to sell it until the market got better so hopefully this will work for us. I can only do so much and between school, work, and the wedding I am spent. Let's cross our fingers that the maintance fees are not to expensive!

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