Sunday, January 16, 2011

Someone gets shot and my entire Sunday needs to get rescheduled!

Today is my fiance's scheduled day off but guess where he is work...since 5:30pm yesterday! We had made an appointment to get massages and to look at a house that we are interested in buying. All of which now has to be cancelled because some idiot shot a girl in the face (I believe the girl is still alive). The night went like this...I feel asleep around 1am. I woke up at 4am looked at my phone and noticed he texted me saying there was a shooting and he was still at work. I automatically text back - what? when?. He calls - proceeds to tell me the story and that he is standing watching the crime scene. What he was watching is beyond me? The blood coagulate? Anyway, he tells me he is hoping to get out soon and we should still be able to get our massages. Finally, he calls 8:30am tells me he is still there and he doesn't think we will make the 11:00am appointment. Obviously, I don't think we will be making it because of the fact its almost 2 hours away and he didn't even leave work yet plus he is pushing being up already for 24 hours. He apologizes and tells me he will hopefully be leaving soon. Its 10am now and he has yet to call me to tell me he is leaving work. I'm guessing our 2pm appointment to see the house needs to be rescheduled also. I'm not mad because he didn't want to be out there all night and miss the massages. But frustrated...I am! I can't schedule things on his work day and now I can't even schedule anything on his days off. Question is do you just never make plans? Live minute to minute - if it works out good if not whatever.

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