Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only Temporary

The last couple posts I feel that I have been more negative than anything. On a positive note - I love my fiance and am extremely proud of him. He worked so hard in the academy. He studied, ran and exercised harder than he ever had, and accomplished so much in 6 months. The academy was harder for me than I ever thought. It was time consuming and it was the first time that we were on opposite schedules. There was weeks that I didn't see him for the entire Monday-Friday work week. It was a strain but we got through it. I was going to school, I got a job where I worked evenings, and between the two I didn't have much time to realize how little he was unavailable because I was unavailable myself. I am going to school to be a nurse and hopefully soon I will be employed in a hospital working nonconventional hours with random days off. Our lives will not be so different and once I graduate I won't be so busy. This is only temporary!

The truth is - I love saying my fiance is a police officer :) There is just something very hott about it :)

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  1. Yes, there IS something hot about it. Wait'll you say he's a SWATstud! WOOT!

    With your great attitude, you have half the battle already won.