Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 Day Swings!

This past weekend we encountered our very first 3 day swing! The added bonus was that it was a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!!! It felt like a mini-vacation with nothing either one of us had to do. Honestly, whoever thought of the rotating shift schedule was pretty smart. It is very fair and not one person will always get stuck working the weekends. I might be singing a different tune when he is off a Tuesday and Wednesday while I'm going to school and working but this past weekend I was absolutely a fan!!!

This leads me into his work day...I have found that when he is scheduled to work it is hard to plan anything what so ever. As mostly everyone who has a TV knows there has been some snow and New York got hit with I think my weather channel said 9 inches or something like that in the city. He works 6pm - 2am (lets be honest - 5:30pm - 2:05am) which was prime time for the snow. I got a text around 2:30am stating they are keeping them for an indefinite period of time. Finally, around 5:50am he says he is home and he doesn't go to bed until 6:30am! Work days are definitely unpredictable! Now I was sleeping through all of this so it didn't impact me until I woke up and our morning plans had to be rearranged a little. Lesson learned - expect the unexpected especially scheduled work days! I am learning so much already :)

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