Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Beginning

This actually isn't the beginning - my life altering change officially occurred July 6th, 2011 when my fiance got on the train looking extremely handsome in a brand-new Perry Ellis suit that we just purchased the weekend before. The man that went on the train, July 6th, looks nothing like the man that got off the train December 27th. (He actually didn't get off the train because he drove into the city for his graduation.) Obviously, his suit is replaced with a blue uniform, his coach wallet is replaced with a plain black wallet that carries his shield and ID, the phone that once was clipped to his hip is replaced with a gun A GUN! - The thing that is used to kill people is on the belt of the man I love and the worst image I have is him actually having to use it.

Now, to be fair...this wasn't a case of my fiance having some sort of career crisis and threw himself into this crazy career. I met my future husband in high school and started dating our senior year. He told me then during those hour long conversations that last into the middle of the night when you first start dating someone he wanted to be a cop. At the time, I thought, great!, I found someone who is realistic and doesn't want to be a professional football player or something extremely unlikely. Anyway, we were 18 and who really knows what they want to be at 18 - except of course - him! We went to college where he got a bachelors in criminal justice with a concentration I believe in police and the community. In May 2008, he toke the NYPD test and the waiting began. Now, don't get me wrong, I correlated him becoming a cop with the beginning of our future so I was praying every night that with the next academy class brought the lovely phone call that he should report. Our prayers were answered and like I said he started July 6th, 2011.

I know that it sounds absolutely ridiculous that I hate that he is a cop because this is what I knew he wanted for at least 6 years and this is what we begged and prayed for to happen. But to be honest, I am having a tremendous difficulty accepting this lifestyle. Now, I am an intelligent woman. I have a bachelors degree and am currently in school yet again getting another bachelors but in nursing this time around because unfortunately for me I didn't know what I wanted to do at 18! So, despite the fact I might sound stupid, I honestly didn't really know that this was going to be like this.

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  1. Does anyone know what it'll be like to have children until they have 'em? Do we know what it's like to go to school full-time until we're there? NOPE! So when people give you crap, help them understand via those examples maybe. (the parent one was always effective)

    Good luck with the adventure!