Monday, July 11, 2011

We all need to work with eachother...just a little!

Beav and I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. He put the time off request in at least a month ago maybe even 6 weeks and gave a copy of the invitation just to prove we really had somewhere to go. We didn't hear anything so I told him to go check if it was done and approved (or denied). He goes and surprise, is not done. He tells the guy at the desk that he submitted the request at least a month ago and he simply replies we don't do things that far in advance. Really?!? Because this is less than a week! I have already rsvped yes for 2 people. Let's say he gets denied now that leaves me with less than a week to find someone who is available on a Saturday night in the summer to come with me. I can get use to annoying hours, ordered overtime, and even working some holidays but this complete lack of respect they have is ridiculous not even for Beav but what about the person waiting at home for him. The job has its pros and cons but they make it more annoying than it has to be. It's really simple - look at the schedule and if there is some room where he is not needed approve it but don't wait until less than a week!!!

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